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Product Reviews

I have been drinking G4 Energy Drink every single day since 2015. It’s how I start my day— EVERY DAY. And after all these years now I’ve got my wife drinking it, too. I wish they would bring back some of the original flavors (ginger ale and lemon lime were my favorites) but orange and watermelon are good, too. If you’re looking for natural energy with no sugar, crashes or jitters—this is it.

- Jane Doe

I've always loved Sugar G4 energy drink. It gives you all the caffeine you need in an 8oz can so you don't have to cart around one of those mega-cans like most other energy drinks. I keep that right on my desk so that I always have enough in supply. The price is competitive and prime shipping is gold!

- Jane Doe

This is my favourite!!! Taste is crisp and has that nostalgic grape pop flavour with out it being overly sweetened. Great drink for when I need energy or when I'm having a lil sweet craving. One can has a lot of kick I suggest drinking half and waiting for it to kick in. If that's not enough drink the rest. Highly recommend. I tell everyone about G4 energy drink

- Jane Doe

I'm an old lady that gets up at 3:30am to work a 10 or 12 hour shift. Drinking these make me feel young again instantly.... I'm suddenly happy and energized after drinking one of these... G4 Energy Drink, You're So Awesome. I'd be Lost without You!

- Jane Doe

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